Feb 13 2020

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Real estate services


Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Areas of Responsibility

  • Space lease planning
  • Real property selling and/or purchasing
  • Support executive management and the Office of the President in ground lease management
  • Direct inclusion area planning, marketing, interaction with outside developers, user groups, and profit forming ventures to improve the endowment of the University
  • Financial analysis
  • Real Estate development and contract negotiation for nontraditional capital improvements with outside vendors
  • Develop and negotiate licenses and other contract forms for property use and real property easements
  • Provide internal and external consultation as it relates to all aspects of real estate issues
  • Faculty Home Loan Programs
  • Provide assistance in grant development when space will be occupied using grant funds

Faculty Home Loan Programs

Home loans are available to eligible faculty through the University’s Mortgage Origination Program (MOP). For information on the products and services offered, the current and historical interest rates, and access to the on-line calculator that can ascertain if potential applicants meet program parameters, interested faculty are encouraged to visit the Loan Programs website .

In addition, there are various calculators that will give the breakdown between principal and interest payments, show the difference between renting and buying, calculate tax savings and illustrate the result of making prepayments to shorten the life of a loan.

For further information on the available programs, please contact:

Jessica Soto
(949) 824-6637
[email protected]

License Agreements

For all temporary property use and utility agreements, please contact:

Helena Dedic
(949) 824-6968
[email protected]

For all easements, please contact:

Off Campus Leasing

In coordination with the UC Office of the President, Real Estate Services and Strategies negotiates, contracts for and manages ground leases. Real Estate Services and Strategies is responsible for space leasing at several off-campus sites in Orange County. This is accomplished for faculty, department and staff at the main campus as well as UCI Medical Center. Currently, over 400,000 square feet of space has been leased.

If you have a need for off campus office or storage space leasing, please contact:
Helena Dedic (949) 824-6968 [email protected]

Real Estate Development – Ground Leases

Real Estate Services and Strategies coordinates the negotiations, contract, approval and management of all ground leases with the Real Estate Services Group at UC Office of the President.

Real Estate Services Staff

Daniel Isenberg
Executive Director
Phone: (949) 824-7002
Email: [email protected]

Helena Dedic
Real Estate Leasing Specialist
Phone: (949) 824-6968 Fax: (949) 824-1213
Email: [email protected]

Jessica Soto
Home Loan Coordinator and Support Analyst
Phone: (949) 824-6637 Fax: (949) 824-1213
Email: [email protected]

Contact Real Estate Services

4199 Campus Drive

Suite 380 Irvine,

Phone: (949) 824-6637
Fax: (949) 824-1213


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