Mar 24 2020

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Farmhouse real estate


Farmhouse real estate picks in Sullivan County

Farmhouse favorites in Sullivan County, NY

Farmhouse Favorites for Sale in Sullivan County, NY

Farmhouses are a popular real estate choice, particularly among second home buyers, They harken back to an earlier, simpler era of family gatherings, porch swings and Thanksgiving dinner. At any given time there may be more than a hundred properties for sale categorized as “farmhouses” in the Sullivan Multiple Listing system. Some are great and some are less than great. Separating the wheat from the chaff can be daunting. That’s why I pull together these curated lists of top picks in popular property categories like farmhouses.

About My Favorite Picks

My Favorite Farmhouse picks can span a wide range of prices from the $100’s to close to a million. While “value” is an important consideration, it isn’t the sole criterion to make my pick list. I’m always looking for houses that are interesting or have some feature that makes them stand out in their price range. As a buyer, though, it’s important to keep expectations in line with price. A $150,000 farmhouse isn’t going to be as private or stylish as a $400,000 farmhouse. It may have been remuddled over the years, with paneling and carpeting, have low ceiling heights or need system updates. But they can make a great getaway at an affordable price.

Want to see more? Search the full MLS for “Farmhouses”

Below are links to the full multiple listing for searches by price for houses coded as style = “Farmhouse”, However, note that many agents liberally apply that term, and some will be a stretch for what you might consider a farmhouse. Note, also, that some may be in handyman condition or have less desirable settings. But if you want to check out everything, go for it.

About Handyman Farmhouses

Bringing back an old farmhouse that’s fallen on hard times has great appeal for some. Most people underestimate what it takes, though. Using a contractor, a gut renovation on a medium sized farmhouse needing all new systems (which most do) starts around $100-$125 per square foot, but can go higher if there are major structural issues. In the end, that $100,000 fixer may not end up being such a bargain. It’s not for the faint of heart or light of wallet.

“Featured” versus “Favorites”

On a lot of real estate websites, you’ll see “Featured Listings” front and center. This section is usually just a compilation of that agent or broker’s own listings. My Favorite Picks are different. At Catskills Buyer Agency, we only work as buyer agents and don’t take listings, so we don’t have a ‘featured’ section promoting out own listings. The only reason a house makes my favorite list is that I picked it.


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