Mar 26 2020

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New homes for sell


Home Nation – Modular and Mobile Homes for Sale

Factory Direct Homes

You can pay more, but why? Home Nation is proud to bring you brand new mobile homes at a fraction of the cost you’ll find elsewhere, and we ship nationwide. We do this by negotiating with factories to secure the best prices available and passing those savings onto you. No middle man costs, no retail margins, no crazy showroom overhead. Just factory-direct, amazing prices, on every mobil home we sell.

What our customers are saying.

“. it is hard to put into words what I have been through trying to get [a] home. I thank god that I found you and that you took all the time to get me where I need to be. I can’t forget Kyle, when I talked to him, he was right with you on getting it done. Again, thank you for putting up with me and helping my family go home, you’re simply the best!” Read More about Kim

Kim – Peoria, Illinois

“We had a Roosevelt built and delivered to Lake Gage three weeks ago. After shopping another dealer, I was talked into calling Scott and talking to him about a home. Smartest call I made during the entire process! After racking up over $4,100 in “upgrades” with the competitor we only had $600 with Home Nation because of the quality of your homes! These homes are built so much better.” Read More about Chris

Chris – Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Why choose Home Nation?

Buying a new mobile home can be super duper confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. With 20 years of experience, our family-owned, independent dealership has been helping people – just like you – get the manufactured home they deserve. Not pushy, always supportive, our people are committed to delivering you the best customer service in the industry. We’ve done it for hundreds of satisfied customers and we’d love to do it for you, too.

$500 cash if you refer a friend*

  • Everyday low factory-direct pricing on all new mobile homes – why wait for an artificial sale price when our prices are this low, every day?
  • Over 170+ factory-built floorplans with thousands of custom options and upgrades available
  • Wide range of financing packages to help you get the manufactured home you want
  • Affordable set up and construction options available
  • No-nonsense, 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on most models – the gold standard for factory built houses, with an affordable 7 year warranty available
  • Discounts available for Cash Buyers
  • Best home buying experience in the industry . guaranteed!

From park homes to mods, we have it all!

We sell hundreds of HUD compliant, fully coded HUD homes every year and ship them nationwide. From single wides and double wide trailers to modulars and park homes, we offer the best floorplan variety at an affordable price. Our mobile houses are precision built and delivered direct from the factory giving you the “new home” experience at a fraction of the cost of a site-built home.

Let our professional consultants help you find exactly what you’re looking for

Let our professional consultants help you find exactly what you’re looking for

Get more with Home Nation

We work with some of the most flexible manufacturers in the country to offer you virtually limitless customization. Change the floorplan, select the colors and finishes, add a kitchen island or a whirlpool tub. We aim to offer you more options, more flexibility and more home for your money than anyone else in the industry.

We have hand selected an exclusive range of design-forward features that we believe provide maximum comfort in your new manufactured home. Other companies would charge you thousands for these upgrades, we don’t. Remeber, when you’re shopping with Home Nation, you’re SAVING!

We are a national dealer of Manufactured (aka Mobile) and Modular homes. We offer factory direct pricing that simply cannot be offered elsewhere (we encourage you to compare!).

Based in the Midwest, we have grown our family business by focusing on excellent customer service. We’re with you every step of the way, from financing your new mobil home to delivery and setting. We have countless past customers that can attest to our attention to detail and stellar support. See our testimonials!

From single wides, double wides, modulars, to park homes, we have it all at an affordable price. Between our hundreds of hand selected floorplans, we know we’ve got what you need. Our floorplan variety with craftmanship and quality of homes is truly a winning combination. The Home Nation Story

Modular vs Mobile Home

These two terms sound similar, but..

The Home Nation Story

Hi. My name is Paul, founder of Home Nation.

Mobile Home Installation

The following are examples of common foundations for various single wides.

We ship nationwide!

What’s the difference between a Modular Home and a Mobile Home?

The main difference between a Manufactured home (aka “MOBIL home”) and a MODULAR home is the building code the home is constructed and certified under. A Modular home is built to the exact same State building code that any site built home is built to in any particular State. The Mobile home, on the other hand, is built to the national “HUD” code. The HUD code was developed in the 70’s to standardize all Mobile homes built anywhere in the country – after which they were known as “Manufactured” homes. Mobile vs Modular

How does credit scoring work?

Credit Scoring is a means of evaluating an individuals credit using a very sophisticated scoring process. It was developed as part of a project involving two companies, TRW (now called Experian) and Fair, Isaac and Company (FICO). Their goal was to establish a system that would predict delinquency rates on loans. Its important to understand that a credit scor. Read More on Credit Scores

No matter the budget, we know we can line you up with a brand new (or pre-owned if that is your speed) manufactured home. You can be sure you’re getting the Factory Direct Price

From the Blog

One change makes all the difference

Wow! It’s incredible what a big difference a few small changes to your home can make. Here we have a couple very simple on-site changes a customer can make to their home, in this case white paneling.

Home Nation vs Other Dealers

If you’ve already begun your search for a new or used manufactured or mobile home, you’ve probably already come across a wide range of dealers to choose from. However, there are quite a fe.

How to tie down a mobile home

Although designed to be permanent structures, mobile homes need to be secured to withstand high winds. This process is known as tying down a mobile home, and it’s a relatively easy way to make s.

Here at Home Nation, we give you the freedom to build the home you want, where you want. With over 70 different options available across our single-wide and double-wide homes, we’re sure to have one that’s right for you. Once you’ve settled on a plan, you’re free to design your home how you see fit. From its colours to its tiling, our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your mobile home turns out exactly the way you want. As for where your mobile home will take you, well, we’ll leave that to you.

Since starting out over 20 years ago, we here at Home Nation have prided ourselves on building a reputation as being one of the best mobile and modular home sales companies in the business. With over thousands of satisfied customers, we think we’re pretty good at what we do. That’s because we understand no two person’s needs are the same. We work with you every step of the way, from choosing the right plan to placing the final tile, to make sure you and your family end up with the mobile home you deserve.

If you could save $100 dollars a month for 30 years, how much of a difference would that make? Here at Home Nation, that’s exactly what we do. We save you money not just for today, tomorrow or the next month, but for many years to come. Our affordable mobile and modular homes mean you can save money towards the special things in life. What’s more, our unique ‘Construction Funding’ program means paying for your new home couldn’t be simpler. We make sure you can move into your home as quickly as possible, at the lowest possible price.

The Home Nation Standard

We ensure every home is up to our Home Nation Standard. Whats the Home Nation standard? It’s our way of making sure you get the options you need, kind of like our stamp of approval. Some dealers will advertise very low prices, but once you add what we call “the basics” as options, the home costs much more! Instead, we inspect the product built by every one of our manufacturers to ensure you’re getting a Home Nation approved, quality home.

Why Home Nation?

  • Factory Direct pricing on all of our models
  • Hundreds of floorplans to choose from, including custom designs
  • Financing opportunities for those with less than best credit
  • Professional set up and installation service available
  • Warranties on all of our homes, optional 7 year warranty
  • Customer service that will make you want to buy two homes!

Buying a new home is not easy. There is a lot that goes into it, finding a lot, pouring the foundation, selecting the options, getting financing, and more. We understand this process can be a bit intimidating, which is why we’ve put so much effort into making the process simpler. On our website you will find high-resolution photos and pictures of mobile houses for sale, and videos of each manufactured home. We have 3D renders of our floorplans, as well as 3D Virtual Tours. And finally, we publish floorplan and option pricing, and the price of mobile homes, something no other dealer does!

Want to see Pricing?

Unlike most dealers, we publish mobile home pricing on ALL of our homes. When on a listing, just click “Select Options” to see the price of your home with all the extras! There you can get an estimate on the base model, options, and shipping to your location, giving you an approximate estimate of the FINAL cost to get your home!


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