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Even Real Estate Agents need a Mission Statement (MVVBP)

Even Real Estate Agents need a Mission Statement (MVVBP)
by Lori Ballen

Your Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

In most real businesses, a company decides “who they are” before they go into business. This is not the case usually with real estate agents. Real Estate Agents should know that they are indeed a business and there is power in having a business and treating it like one.

Let’s talk about your Mission, your Vision, and your Beliefs. It’s important you are clear on this, so that the consumer feels the energy of it throughout your website, your office, your marketing, your videos etc. Once you “get” these yourself, so will everyone else.

Knowing your Mission, Vision, and Beliefs now will help you attract talent later, when you grow beyond the beginnings, and begin to elevate your success through the levels of business, at which point you will be growing exponentially. For example, in real estate, some day you will probably hit a ceiling of achievement. You are human after all, and can only do so much. If you are lead generating, and working with buyers and sellers, and doing all of the administrative work, you will max out at a certain number of deals per year. So, your next step will be to grow and to hire. And that’s where the solid foundation of your Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Brand will fully come to focus, and help you build your brand without effort or trouble.

To begin, I suggest that you create a solid Mission Statement. This will be the focus on the main objectives of your business. It’s a statement that explains “why” you are in business. This can include a promise of some kind, or a commitment to overall satisfaction. It’s about the quality and service or product that you provide.

Next comes The Vision Statement. The Vision statement is about WHERE you are going. What your business will be, and look like, after you have built it, and completed all of the desired goals.

Now to your beliefs. These tie in with your core values. What do YOU believe? How do YOU practice your business? A belief could be: “Our number One goal is YOUR number one goal!” Or, it could be a list of beliefs such as core values. Take Zappos for example. They have an entire list of what their beliefs are, and these have become their Core Values. It’s your choice how you list your beliefs, whether through one statement or as a list. After all, it’s your business, and your choice, so do it like YOU believe it!

Once you have designed these statements, you should have a much better understanding of who you are, and where you are going as a business.

Here is a sample of the MVVBP for one of my companies called The Ballen Group which is a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Team :

To constantly go above and beyond our client’s expectations providing the Wow Factor in everything we do while continuously growing a fun, top producing Real Estate company.

We are a company that everyone wants to be part of and if not, feels like they are missing out. The Ballen Group is a place where everyone is winning from the customers to the agents. It’s a world big enough that there are no ceilings and the opportunities are endless.

Our Values:
Purpose, Passion, Perseverance

1.) Teamwork – To value each other as individuals as well as partners.

2.) Synergy – The collaborative effort of our energies to create the power of unity

3.) Unity – To always remember that the whole is greater than the Sum of each part

4.) Self Mastery – Never stop seeking knowledge

5.) Growth – Busting Through. Where Ceilings become Floors.

6.) Exceeding Expectations – Never stop wearing our WOW!!

7.) Purposeful – Intense Sense of Direction

8.) Big Why – Knowing what’s important so you achieve what matters

9.) Discovery- Discovering who we are so we know what drives u

Our Perspective: A place where high minded professionals gather together to achieve more than one can do themselves. A business that raises the bar and sets an example. A Company that shows leadership and excellence amongst the Real Estate Community striving to WOW every member and every client.

By Lori Ballen Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Las Vegas S.0075212
Posted on May 17, 2013 03:11 AM


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