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Apr 8 2019

Database cloud service

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Database cloud service, REMMONT.COM

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dsp is a database managed services company specialising in Oracle, SQL Server and Cloud technologies.

dsp, headquartered in the City of London and partners with Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon, pioneered proactive, remote DBA support in the 1990s. We believe we are the UK s leading MSP of Database and Data Platform Managed Services and take pride in having a world-class Oracle and Microsoft support practice.

Recent acquisitions and external investment have strengthened our standing in the market and enhanced our ability to go the extra mile, whether it be delivering DBA support, Database cloud migrations or Architecture Modernisation.

dsp prides itself on having a world-class Oracle and Microsoft team that delivers innovative support, consultancy and managed cloud services to a wide range of mid-market and FTSE 100 clients, particularly those with mission-critical database architectures. Recent acquisitions and external investment have further strengthened dsp’s position in the market and enhanced its ability to go the extra mile.

Our mission is the same today as it has always been, to be relentless in our pursuit of continuous improvement for our customers delivering data-platform up-time, all the time. It’s a simple promise but it means a lot. It’s the fulfilment of this promise and the positive impact it makes on our clients which has made us the Database Services partner of choice for so many for so long.

“Working with dsp has helped greatly in our ability to move forwards with improvements to our data environments. dsp provided sound advice and guidance in regards to our plans and as a result, we achieved our objectives and thus, are in a stronger place for the future. The expertise provided clearly demonstrated a good understanding of our requirements which led to an efficient and effective resolution. All of this has helped us to move forwards with plans and to deliver an enhanced service, making expectations high for the future. Working with dsp was an empowering experience which we appreciate.”

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust

“dsp have provided Ladbrokes with 24/7 database administration and Unix consultancy for our 11i environment since 2000. The consultants, both remote and on site, have provided a good and essential service both during projects and for regular mission-critical maintenance. They’re a part of the team.”

“At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships with individuals. The evidence is that the people from dsp really do care and have a sense of ownership and responsibility, which is quite rare. The integrity shines through – they play fair, communicate very well and I feel like I’m getting value for money.”

“What makes dsp’s services work for Ocado is they are friendly, professional, easy to work with and, more importantly, experts in Oracle. dsp’s DBA team go the extra mile to support us, whether that is working out of hours or chasing our central IT for extra storage! Having been a DBA myself, I can appreciate the knowledge dsp have. The whole dsp team are a pleasure to work with.”

“Today, it’s far easier for us to say ‘yes’ to a new request from executives. Now we are quite fleet of foot: we can scale up or down easily and transparently control the cost. It was critical that any solution had the ability to cope with increased demand and sharp rises in requirements without over-committing on the underlying server infrastructure. Any solution that dsp recommended had to have the ability to rapidly adjust, without excessive upfront cost.”

“Through dsp’s experience and expertise, the level of database support and monitoring now provided to our customers has dramatically improved. This has resulted in far greater confidence levels from ourselves and our customers in how databases are maintained and managed. dsp’s monitoring tool provides a shared view across all databases and any issues are swiftly and proactively acted on by dsp. Since engaging dsp we have regularly utilised their database experts to resolve issues, alleviating potentially critical issues with production systems.”


Our mission is the same today as it has always been; to make sure our customers experience database uptime, all the time. A simple promise that means a lot. It’s the fulfilment of this promise which has made us the support partner of choice for so many Oracle and Microsoft users, as well as those organisations that have migrated to Azure, Amazon or the Oracle Cloud.

Why Work With Us?

Oracle Support & SQL Server Support Specialists.
A 20 year pedigree in the UK Managed Services market.
Specialists in migrating databases to private or public clouds.
‘Continuous Maintenance’ service model: ITIL best practice and DevOps automation.
A support team that can scale as you need it.
An Account Management team that cares.
We’re a business that will go the extra mile.


At dsp we combine knowledge, passion and leadership to provide you with services that exceeds your expectations.

As experts in the field of database consultancy and managed services we are amongst the elite when it comes to implementing Oracle and SQL Server technologies.

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