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Jul 6 2017

SEMAR – Southeast Minnesota Association of REALTORS #columbus #ohio #real #estate

#rochester mn real estate

Hire a Professional

When hiring a REALTOR to assist you with buying or selling your home, there are important questions to ask to make sure the REALTOR has the experience you need on your side throughout the process.

Questions to ask a REALTOR include: How long have you been in residential real estate sales? What designations do you hold? How close to the initial asking prices of the homes you sold were the final sale prices?

To view the full list of 12 questions every home buyer and home seller should ask his or her REALTOR before making the decision to hire him or her, click here.

Find your dream home

View accurate, instantaneously updated listings of all REALTOR properties in southeast Minnesota, current open house information, and information on grants, mortgage options, foreclosure prevention, title companies – everything you need to know to facilitate a smooth real estate transaction at We are the official website of the southeast MN area MLS, which has the most comprehensive area REALTOR listings with over 4,000 REALTOR listed properties. Southeast Minnesota REALTORS can guide you through the home ownership process from beginning to end. Learn more.

Download the SEMAR MLS App!

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