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Apr 9 2019

Young adult drug treatment

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Young adult drug treatment, NEF6.COM

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Aventa is the leader in the Province of Alberta in providing trauma informed, gender-specific, concurrent capable, live-in addiction treatment services for women.

Aventa offers a holistic treatment approach in helping women to overcome their addictions, and lead lives that are addiction free. Healthy women translate to healthy families, and healthy communities.

At Aventa, women help women to build resilience so that they may overcome the effects of trauma and addictions.

Incorporating curriculum materials researched and written by Dr. Stephanie Covington, our addiction treatment programs meet the unique needs of women.


Aventa provides gender-specific live-in addiction treatment services on a short-term and long-term basis. Our programs increase women s understanding of the development and impact of their addictions, maintain abstinence from their addictions and addictive behaviors, and experience an increase in their sense of well-being, and overall life satisfaction. Pregnant women are admitted without delay to help decrease the risks associated with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Women & Trauma

Aventa offers a trauma-informed curriculum researched and written by Dr. Stephanie Covington, and specifically designed for women with addictions. Aventa s Professional Counsellors work as a team, providing group-focused and individualized treatment planning and recovery goals.

Mental Health

Many women have both addiction and mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. When we treat the addiction, we must also treat underlying health issues. Aventa utilizes a holistic approach in treating women by using a biological, psychological, social and spiritual model.

Accreditation & Awards

Aventa is an accredited organization and has exemplary standing with Accreditation Canada.

2016 The Lieutenant Governor s Circle on Mental Health and Addiction – True Awards True Service

2016 The Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women Centennial Recognition Award

2016 Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Community Justice Award – Leadership

2015 Ministry of Alberta Human Services – Inspiration Award for Leadership in Family Violence Prevention

2014 Bhayana Family Foundation Award- Collaboration MESH (the Alex, Fresh Start Recovery Centre and Prospect)

CCSA Award of Distinction

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